Reasons to go Ethical is the leading certification for ethical manufacturing standards and building confidence between consumers and sellers. This certification includes People, Planet and Product when measuring ethical impact.


Taking a stand against cheap inhumane sweat shops through introducing:

• Paid holiday and sick leave
• Equal opportunity and diversity for hiring program
• Suitable working hours and breaks
• Safe conditions (clean air, safety equipment)
• Employee feedback
• Wages in-line with legal obligations
• Legal age and capacity to work


Changing the way manufacturers see product waste to develop a progressive mindset of "wasted product" - to understand that every product has a lifespan that needs conscious thought. Planet safeguards include:

• Safe waste (non-hazardous stable materials)
• Sustainable materials (environmental planning)


In the pursuit to make products as cheap as possible and at any means to be "competitive" - fast products are creating devastating environmental impacts. Ethical product standards include:

• Increasing the lifespan of a product (re-usable, repairability, materials, engineering)
• Low carbon emissions through manufacturing

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10+ Employees


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All sizes


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