About Ethically Produced

Our mission

We are a global change maker against the negative impacts of unethical production challenging People, Products and Planet. Working with companies of any size to certify ethical standards and help consumers make a positive choice. With a high regard for transparency and focus on the mission we continue to be the leader in ethical production values.

Ethicallyproduced.org empowers merchants to grow significant revenue through lowering their negative impact from producing products. By offering ethical consultation, auditing, fast applications, our registered logo and a global team we make it easy to upgrade.

Our on-going story

'Ethicallyproduced' begun as a company led mission to lead positive change to a production strategy after travelling overseas and experiencing horrible sweatshops, pollution, exploitation and abuse for people, planet and products. The mission fast expanded to became a much larger movement, growing into an ethical movement to support other companies and introduce guidelines to ensure ethical practices. Focusing on empowering merchants we take our role seriously as our company is a source of trust for consumers.