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Pin Lord

Pin Lord

Location: USA, AU, UK, CN, PH 🌍

Pricing: $173 - $260 for 100 enamel pins 👍🏼

Ethically Certified: Yes

Turnaround: approximately 2-3 weeks, delivered globally 📦

Payment: PayPal, card payments, bank transfers

Payment terms: accepts 50% deposit pre-production & 50% after photo proof 🌟

Custom products: enamel pins, stickers, lanyard, wristbands, guitar picks, keychains, apparel, & event packages 🎁


About the manufacturer: 

When it comes to selecting a pin manufacturer, Pinlord is the ideal choice for several compelling reasons. Firstly, as the largest pin community with over 100k pinmaker followers on Instagram, they possess a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry.


Additionally, Pinlord is ethically produced certified, ensuring that their manufacturing processes align with responsible and sustainable practices. What sets them apart is their team, who are passionate pin enthusiasts just like you, ensuring a deep understanding of your needs and aspirations.


Lastly, Pinlord offers valuable sales opportunities through community features, enabling you to showcase your pins to a wide audience and boost your business. With Pinlord as your pin manufacturer, you can be confident in their industry influence, ethical approach, shared passion, and promotional support.


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